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Like many Pokemon fans, you’re probably eagerly looking forward to Pokemon GO, which is one of the first few games that combine the video game concept with augmented reality. Now, leaked footages from several beta testers show that the excitement around the new game is well-deserved since it allows players to enjoy several thrilling features.

One of these leaked footages comes from a YouTube user named Darkathion, who lives in Australia and is part of the Pokemon GO beta testing team in the Land Down Under. Darkathion’s video, which is titled Pokemon Go Beta Gameplay (Aus), is more than nine minutes long and walks viewers through the process of creating a character, which involves deciding on facial features and choosing an outfit. The video also shows Darkathion’s character walking around, catching Pokemon, and even fighting in battles, giving a glimpse of how Pokemon GO battles work (apparently the player doesn’t have to do anything since the Pokemon fight all by themselves).

YouTube user named GOtrip didn’t show a footage of him playing the game, but he made an informal analysis about the spawn points of Pokemon GO and shared his findings through a video. With the help of Reddit users, GOtrip found out that most Pokemon spawn in specific areas and during specific weather conditions. For instance, Water Pokemon can spawn near rivers, streams, and other bodies of water, but they can also spawn during a rain shower. Electric Pokemon, meanwhile, become more active during a thunderstorm, although they also spawn when it rains. Bug Pokemon (like Caterpies and Weedles) are more predominant in botanical gardens, which makes sense considering that bugs love to be around plants.

According to GOtrip, many Pokemon GO beta testers have noticed that specific areas in Australia seem to be spawning Rare Pokemon. One Reddit user, for example, commented that one patch of grass along his route to work has spawn a Ninetails, a Jolteon, a Porygon, and a Hitmonchan. Another Reddit user noted that the Adelaide Oval seems to be a Dratini farm since the Pokemon has been found there several times. The Oval also seems to have a Rare spawn point that has produced a Rapidash, a Pinsir, and a Lickitung.

All of these are great news for Pokemon fans but, unfortunately, only a select number of people can get their hands on the beta version of the game. The field test was first launched in Japan and has been recently released to Australia and New Zealand. Users in Europe and the U.S. will have to wait for the beta version to be available to them.