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Fox News claimed in a news report that iPad Pro is selling faster that its rival Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

In a report, entitled “Apple beats Microsoft at their own game” made by IDC, a major market research company, it’s clear that the Apple device is doing great on the detachables market, to the dismay of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

Basically, these detachables are tablet devices that can become laptops if they are connected to a keyboard. Therefore, the tablet part is detachable from the keyboard part and can be used efficiently alone. Both iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 are this type of device.

However, some analysts doubt that Apple is indeed making more money than Microsoft, on account of the lower price that its detachable device has compared to that of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is significantly higher.

Furthermore, iPad Pro is primarily a tablet and buyers tend to choose them spontaneously without really thinking things through the many aspects implied by owning a detachable.

On the other hand, other users have said that there is no point in comparing the two devices.

The devices own very different market segments and cannot be compared one to another. The iPad Pro is primarily a tabled Apple made a keyboard for and the Surface Pro 4 is a PC that was designed to work without a keyboard.

Another user has stated that although he is a fan of all of the Apple products and he owns 7 of them, one should not compare the iPad Pro to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 because the latter has a fully functioning OS, whereas the iPad Pro doesn’t have one.

As a conclusion, although Apple’s iPad Pro is selling better than Surface Pro 4, the two devices are very different and can hardly be compared.