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GTA 5 Online success won’t delay GTA 6 release

Many speculate that the highly successful GTA 5 Online installment that brought Rockstar 500 million dollars may be the reason for delaying the development of GTA 6. Here is a bit of info on how things are going for the next GTA installment so far

GTA Online Success

The Online component of GTA 5 has filled Rockstar’s pocket with approximately 500 million dollars. This new source of revenue is also keeping the company from developing single player DLCs, instead opting to improve what already is in the game.

The dominant motivation for the franchise makers is, of course, the financial one and since GTA 5 Online is still raking in money, there is no need to develop GTA 6 just yet. They can take their time and make it absolutely exceptional.

Development Underway

Some have suggested that most of the Rockstar staff is currently busy developing new content for GTA 5 so the necessary amount of staff for another installment is not available. Others have suggested that the situation is completely different and that there is already a team working on the basics of GTA 6 and that there’s even a map being developed for it, as well.

GTA – Bin Laden Link

One of the strangest rumors out there about GTA 6 is that one of its characters will be the terrorist Osama bin Laden and it was also suggested that players may have to fight him and other known terrorists.

Bully and Manhunt

These two Rockstar games are both violent and original and have been based on things that are surrounded by controversy in general, so they may be an indicator that Rockstar won’t shy away from including aspects of the 9/11 attack or terrorists in their games. On the other hand, the 9/11 events were something that was treated respectfully by Rockstar in the past.

Rockstar Rumors

There are many rumors surrounding the next GTA 6 and they multiply by the week, as nothing is confirmed nor denied by Rockstar. Some of these suggest that the next GTA will be set in Tokyo (which will be the first time a GTA will be set outside the US), that there will be a female character voiced by actress Eva Mendes, that there will be virtual reality features included in the game and that players will be able to teleport themselves from one place on the map to another.