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Sure it’s been a few years since the last installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, but if we look at the bigger picture, computer games are becoming more complex, their business models have changed and we’re getting less major releases or sequels than we were a decade ago.

What existed back then were expansion packs but barely any expansion packs existed for action games, most expansion packs belonged to the real time strategy genre or simulation games, oh boy were there a lot of Sims expansion packs (there still are!)

Grand Theft Auto: How it is right now

On the 3rd of May, Rockstar had an announcement for the newest Adversary mode, In & Out.

This wasn’t the only event or new content that has been added to the game, we’ve had quite a lot of different content being added it to the game quite regularly, whether it’s new customizable cars or entire game modes, Grand Theft Auto V has been a splendid game for everyone who’s made the purchase.

Whether you own it for the freedom in Story Mode or to team up with your friends in Multiplayer, one thing can be said for sure; you’ll be enjoying yourself.

On the opposite spectrum of things, people have certainly had their complaints about the game, we mentioned the lack of co-op capabilities for Story Mode and that’s not a good thing because we’re currently living in an age where more games are offering people the ability to team up, from survival games like Don’t Starve, releasing Don’t Starve Together; to open world, GTA-like games such as Saint’s Row, co-op capability is definitely becoming the norm.

At the end of the day though, we can simply look at the feedback and know for sure that even though the game could have been better, it has surpassed its predecessors; even after moving away from the original GTA spirit.

When can we expect a sequel?

Active development for GTA V has slowed down, fans aren’t expecting major content to be added anytime soon, as far as DLC is concerned, we didn’t get much single player content at all.

So now that a few years have passed, what can we expect to happen?

Surely Rockstar Games has a new title on their mind, the Grand Theft Auto series has been their bread and butter and looking at how GTA V was announced, unless there’s another leak from a re-seller, the official announcement will only take place once Rockstar is completely sure when the game will be finished, let’s not forget how the PC version was delayed quite a few times before finally being released.

As for what we can expect, it all depends on what the technology at the time allows Rockstar to do, the only reason they were able to do three different characters in such a huge world is because of the long period of development after the previous GTA installment, we can surely hope the next game to have a larger world, even if it’s not larger in size it will most definitely be larger and more diverse in content.

It’s all speculations for the time being, feel free to let us know what you think GTA 6, GTA VI?? will or will not have, which cities it will be based in and whether or not we’ll still have multiple characters.

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