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Many people who encountered various issues when using the Android discovered that lots of problems are directly related to Google Play Services. However, nobody knows for sure what is this service exactly and what is its use. Let’s shed some light over this!

First of all, it’s not an app like most of us think. Nothing happens when you try to open it. But even so, it comes pre-installed on all the devices that use Android. More than that, it has frequent updates and it asks for lots and lots of permissions, from controlling the SMS service and accessing it to accessing logging data, info from all the other Google apps and so on. To sum it up briefly, it’s an app strictly interconnected with the Android OS itself.

What is in fact is a bundle of APIs (technical things that help programmers and let apps communicate between them) which make sure that less and less apps depend on updates to the OS in order to run properly.

But what does it do exactly? You can even call it a small revolution in this industry! Since everybody understands better through examples, let’s just use one: Google Maps. Before using the Google Play Services, Maps received an update only when the entire Android system was updated. And since everybody knows that system updates are not that often (or in any case, they’re rarer than the app updates), that meant it took a huge amount of time for Maps to be improved.

So all in all, what these services do is allowing your smartphone or tablet to receive the latest updates for apps without the need to upgrade the entire system, which is extra convenient. Mind you, this does not apply to all the apps though, but mostly for the Google-owned ones.

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