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Bethesda, makers of the Fallout 4 game announced an update for their popular post-apocalyptic game weeks ago. This update – version 1.5 – was made available for beta testers on Stream and featured elements that would make its way to the latest DLC, Far Harbor which would be released this May 19. The patch for Fallout 4 is finally rolling out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The previous update, version 1.4, saw new items for settlements as well as support for the first two DLC expansions: Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. What’s to be expected for version 1.5?

It’s available for PC users with Xbox and PS support coming soon

For now, the update is available for PC users. So those who have an account on Steam or a copy of Fallout 4 can download the path and install it ahead of its release for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Originally set for release in April, Bethesda says the update will be available for Xbox and PS on Friday, May 6 (most likely in the morning). Then again, the company is just expecting this update to be released on Friday, it isn’t quite sure. But the odds are low of a delay happening again.

It features a number of settlement items

PC gamers who were able to try their hands on the Fallout 4 1.5 update have found a couple of settlement items that include:

  • advanced switches
  • ball track
  • barn
  • boxcars
  • elevators
  • marquee
  • scaffolding
  • warehouse

A user on Reddit also claims that support for the new DLC, which is included in the 1.5 update, allows users to add new face paint options. This feature looks like it could be connected with the Children of Atom, who appeared in Fallout 3.

The concept art is great

Far Harbor is modeled on the real Bar Harbor, a popular attraction for tourists, in Maine. Anyway, the 1.5 update features a coastal architecture with a fishing village and Wharf Rat raiders. Although these aren’t confirmed to be in the Far Harbor DLC release, it is a possibility that they will make it there.

Here’s a list of the other new features you will be seeing in Fallout 4 version 1.5:

  • New Survival Mode difficulty
  • Survival Mode features brand new challenges that include no fast travel, diseases and fatigue – just to name a few
  • Characters set to Survival appear under their Character Selection filter
  • Improvements to third-player camera movements when a player is up close against walls and other objects