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Waiting time has ended for Fallout 4 fans who were eager to play it on consoles! The Survival Mode is released in the new update, the 1.5 one. Twitter was the messenger in this case, since the Bethesda guys announced the big news there first and warned everybody to prepare.

In case you forgot, the Survival Mode has a high degree of difficulty. Okay, maybe not as hard as Dark Souls, but even so, it is quite challenging. What makes it so hard is the fact that the enemies are stronger, tougher and therefore harder to defeat. To this you can add the fact that there are some limitations in the game too. You can’t travel fast, you are exposed to fatigue, to more diseases and dangers, plus you’re saving only during sleep time.

This update comes quite soon after in April, Bethesda released a beta version for the PC. They also brought some support for the Far Harbor, which is the 3rd DLC, plus they improved everything with a couple of fixes wherever they were necessary. Moreover, they announced that the Xbox One will receive this month some official support for mods, while the PS4 users will get it only in June.

Just a quick reminder that the PC already received support for the mods . Also, the developers released the Creation Kit, which was used for making the game itself.

Meanwhile, people are excited about the Far Harbor news, watching the trailer all around the world. It seems that there will be some new underwater things that will be explored by the settlers. All in all, it seems that the game developers are taking advantage of the interest so many people have shown for this game, repaying them with lots of updates and fixes!

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