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Supercell has always tried to keep its most popular game Clash of Clans fresh and interesting by updating some of its features now and then. And earlier this month, it announced to make some important balancing updates – probably to make up for the last of couple of months player disgruntlement.

The updates rolled out two days ago and, as promised, these were bigger than all the previous ones the Supercell made: faster training and regeneration time for troops, heroes and spells. How about that?

The May changes in the Clash of Clans include hugely reduced regeneration time for Barbarian King and Archer Queen. You can now have both heroes back in action in less than 30 minutes, just in time to complete your troops’ training for another attack.

The update also hastened the training times of important troops including:

Dragon – (2x) reduced to 15 minutes from previous 30 minutes

Witch – (2x) reduced to 10 minutes from the previous 20 minutes

Wall Breaker – (2x) reduced to 1 minute from the previous 1 minutes

Golem – (3x) reduced to 15 minutes from the previous 45 minutes

Lava Hound – (3x) reduced to 15 minutes from the previous 45 minutes

P.E.K.K.A. – (3x) reduced to 15 minutes from the previous 45 minutes

Balloon – reduced to 5 minute training time

Wizard – reduced to 5 minute training time

Healer – reduced to 10 minute training time

Valkyrie – reduced to 5 minute training time

In addition, brewing spells doesn’t take ages anymore. All spells in the Spell Factory (lightning, heal, rage,  jump and freeze spells) now trains at only 10 minutes each, while spells in the Dark Spell Factory (poison, earthquake, and rage spells) now brew faster at 5 minutes.

The Bowler troop was updated too! Supercell increased its initial attack speed to keep it from lagging behind the rest of the army.

In its announcement letter, Supercell staffer Anoushka wrote that they were looking to help players get into battle with full and well-balanced armies. “Waiting several hours for heavy armies will be a thing of the past. Army building boosts still provide a 4x speed boost atop this – blazing fast!” wrote Anoushka.

So far, player perception of the May update shows to be positive with Supercell noting an increased number of players returning to the game and revving up their abandoned bases to the disappointment of dead base looters.

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