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There have been a number of folks who have yet to experience any of the problems that seems to have appeared with the Windows 10 update. If you’ve been lucky not to have problems, count your blessings. But, it’s important to keep in mind that Windows 10 is similar to all other Microsoft Windows operating software – the problems it has is irritating and must be addressed.

Do you suffer with a connection loss to the Internet? Does your computer’s sound stop working all of a sudden? If so, don’t fret!

When DVDs Quit Playing

If DVD playing is one of your favorite past times and it doesn’t work on your Windows 10 software, there are a number of applications that let you play DVDs like you want. You can download any kind of software you want so you can continue playing your DVDs on your computer.

Random Crashes, Shut Downs and The BSOD

Microsoft is known for the Blue Screen of Death – a big fear anybody who uses a computer. If the problem persists, you need to address the problem now… not later. When one errors keeps being reported during this time, write that error down. If the computer shuts down during game player or watching videos for a time, it’s not a driver issue usually.  Of course, you’ll still need to reinstall the drivers and the general chip-set drivers for any additional hardware.

Automatic Updates

If you allow automatic updates on your Windows 10 update, you may experience more interruption than you’d like. You should specify if you want these updates to download automatically or wait until you’re ready for them to be installed. The best time, of course, is when you’re not using the computer. Don’t forget that some updates are not good for your computer.

It’s good to have the latest driver, you don’t need to always download the initial update. The only ones that you should consider downloading right away include: Wi-Fi adapter, graphics cards, sound cards, motherboard chip-sets, etc.

Bear in mind that Windows 10 will often reset your entire OS system. If you want to reset it back, go to the computer’s Start button and find the “Reset this PC”. You’ll have a multitude of choices to help you reset it and how – total fresh install or an older version.