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The latest update WhatsApp’s beta got is not video-calling as we all expected but its something just as important: better file sharing with improved document support designed specifically for the Windows Phone.

Unlike other phone app companies out there, WhatsApp is very keen on improving its beta version for Windows Phone, and as a result it provides regular updates for it.

And this brand new update enables user to send Office documents from the Windows Phone smartphones, in a context where it previously could only allow people to receive them on the phone.

Therefore, sharing documents is now available from both sides and it’s very useful. Say you just happen to be on vacation and something needs to be done very quickly at work – one can send an Excel document to a coworker that needs to be filled with data urgently and that coworker can work on the document and send it to your phone. See? It’s that easy and efficient! You wouldn’t have to log on to a PC to do that anymore.

A video of the features of the new WhatsApp beta update shows that it comes with new wallpapers like solid colors and patterns complete with a UI for conversation that looks very much like the design that Windows 10 mobile has. There is also a new spot for the calling icon plus other improvements in terms of stability and performance.

The update is meant only for the WhatsApp beta version and only for the people that are participating in the trials, but the final version is expected to have all of those features and will probably be released very soon along with an update for the stable version.

If you’re really interested in testing the beta by yourself, know that the version number is 2.16.46.

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