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No game is perfect. Every now and then, a glitch here and a problem there pop up. Even great games suffer from problems. Sims 4 is no exception.

In its 1.17.7 patch update, EA Help was happy to announce that several fixes and improvements have been made.

General Issues Fixed

Scientist careers’ Chemistry Lab is not working properly. The options to create serums were not visible.

  • Well, the good news is that this issue was already fixed in Patch 1.17.7. Sims will now be able to synthesize serums at the Chemistry Table again.

Sims sit at the pool when asked to put food away in the fridge.

  • Well, the problem is fixed, so you should no longer see Sims annoyingly sits on the pool when assigned the task.

Growfruit as fertilizer is better than ever.

  • Yes, Growfruit as a fertilizer is way better than before. You can get nice return from it, and used it to help other plants grow faster.

Custom music won’t play.

  • Problem fixed. Local DJs can once again play their music selections for all Sim-kind for FREE! Ballads, Calypso, Zydeco – you name it.

Sims wearing makeup when going to Painter and Tech Guru careers.

  • Reports of Sims wearing clown makeup or face paint when going to work in Painter and Tech Guru career had already been addressed before. The recent patch though dealt with the issue for all Sims that were saved before the original issue was introduced.

Rugs don’t stay in desired order after stacking. A problem for lots and rooms, the rug stacking usually didn’t display in their desired order after the lot has been saved – to the annoyance of many players.

  • The recent update ensures that stacked rugs remain in your desired after they have been saved to the Gallery. EA Help, however, didn’t give any assurance that the issue has been totally eliminated, noting that it may still persists with some rooms.

MAC Issues Fixed

Too many modifications hinder connection to the Gallery.

  • You can now install all the mods you want without worrying about Gallery problems. Game designers have found a way to address the space issue encountered by Sims players when installing mods greater than 2001.

Finder ball appears when edge scrolling at the top edge.

  • Well, you will no longer have to deal with the annoying finder bar appearing on the screen every time you edge scroll at the top edge. Thanks to EA Help for the prompt response.

You may check out the Sims 4 Bugs Report if you encounter any issue with the game. Doing so will help developers deal with the problem right away and give you better gaming experience.

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