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It already seems that Samsung has a habit of renewing some of their older models that had lots of success and were really popular, this happened to the A series, for instance. They received a new design, better specifications and up they went. And as it seems, this is what will happen to the J series too. Back when they launched it, the J7 was quite a hit, many people loved it, and so it’s not a surprise that the want to revamp it. That’s how we get to have the Galaxy J7, the 2016 version.

Let’s see what the differences between the two are!


The old phone gets a metal body instead of the old plastic one, which is of course an upgrade, besides being a plus in style, it also protects it better in case of accidents. Other than that, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to their design. Moreover, they still chose the same screen for the newer version: a 5.5 inch one, the same HD Super AMOLED one.


The new Galaxy J7 offers us a better performance, switching from a Snapdragon 615 CPU with only 1.5GHz to a 1.6GHz one. Also, it evolves from 1.5GB RAM to 2GB, and it keeps the same 16GB internal storage, though you have the possibility to add a microSD card to both versions.


The new version can already be found in Europe, and you have to pay almost €300 for it. However, here you can only get the 2GB RAM version, if you want the 3GB one, you have to go to China, since you can only find it there, for a little less than $300. Samsung has announced that they will release it in India too, next month, and supposedly it will cost more or less 15,000 INR.