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Fans have been long waiting for the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to be released. Thankfully, it seems that their release is closer and closer and that they will also include some interesting features. Though there is no official information, there are some rumors regarding great additions for the game. People are speculating that the new games will be released on holidays.

Sadly, there are some publications that take advantage of people’s good faith announcing fake release dates. A magazine, CoroCoro, did this and said that the games would be released this month. Needless to say, fans’ disappointment was sore, and many people criticized the magazine for such manipulations.

As of now, nobody seems to be knowing whether the company will introduce new Pokemons. What we know for sure though, is the fact that we will be able to play Pokemon Sun and Moon on both 2DS and 3DS. It is rumored that the two new games will get the Pokewalker feature, just like previous games did. If you don’t know, the Pokewalker is a device that enables the player to choose and walk around with one Pokemon. It is some sort of Tamagotchi, and if you don’t know what Tamagotchi is, you disappointed an entire ‘90s generation.  Experts say that this feature will definitely bring the games in top, to a higher level, if we compare it with other previous versions.

In previous versions of the game, this feature was only available for players who have bought the Pokemon Heartgold and the Soulsilver. Maybe this is the reason why it was so popular, the fact that it was an incentive to buy more and to be part of the exclusivist group that had access to a special feature.