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Yesterday, a lot of fans looking forward to Pokémon GO were disappointed that there was no new announcement from Niantic about it. There was no real reason to expect one yesterday, as nothing had been announced or hinted at in advance, but many people thought they had seen a pattern in Niantic’s announcements.

The Pokémon GO field test for Japan was first announced on Thursday, March 3. The field test for New Zealand and Australia was first announced on Thursday, April 7. Both of these dates were the first Thursday of their respective months.

Therefore, a number of fans looked at the calendar and anticipated a new Pokémon GO announcement, whether about another field test or not, on the first Thursday of May. That day has now come and gone with no Pokémon GO news.

However, there is one more pattern to take into account before we stop guessing days. While March 3 and April 7 were both the first Thursdays of their months, they’re also exactly five weeks apart from one another. Due to the length of the months, yesterday was only four weeks after April 7. Therefore, if Niantic is making these Pokémon GO announcements every five weeks, we can expect another one to come next Thursday, May 12.

This would put it just two days after the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon news, so it could be quite an exciting week for Pokémon fans.

Now, it’s still too early to say for sure that Niantic even is using a pattern at all, much less what it might be. If there was a third date that followed the same schedule, then it would be more plausible. With only two dates to work with, you could probably find all sorts of coincidental patterns if you look hard enough. After all, yesterday already disproved the theory that they’d make an announcement on the first Thursday of every month.

Next Thursday, therefore, we could learn more about Pokémon GO and possibly a field test for another region. We could also learn that there is no pattern. Either way, let’s look forward to May 12 to see if any new Pokémon GO news comes our way.