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It is unclear as to when exactly Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) will be available for players all over the globe, but rumors about it are flying everywhere. Blame it on the waiting game that prompts people to speculate on what could and couldn’t be part of the next version.

Rumors run from ridiculous to dismal. Take for instance the rumor that GTA 6 may not be released for PC. There’s definitely a huge population of players that would be saddened by the news, should it become a reality. Even with a console available, PC gaming provides variety, and offers a different experience.

There are also speculations that the couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling would be the voice of certain male and female characters. With Eva Mendes’ appearance on Fast & Furious, providing the voice of a character in GTA 6 isn’t too far off. And many male players would certainly welcome the fact.

But the biggest bomb that recently dropped on speculation-sphere is that famed terrorist Osama Bin Laden would appear in the game. Considering that the real fun of the game lies in violent rampages around huge cities, the inclusion of a well-known terrorist is sure to increase excitement of the gameplay. This is especially true if you get to shoot or hit Osama Bin Laden with your car. Rumor has it that the famed terrorist is one of the targets in the Bonus International Missions, which means players will be able to shoot him, which can be oddly satisfying.

Following what Rockstar North President Leslie Benzies said about having one big world where players can fly between them, there are also speculations of a bigger map. With rumors saying that the next GTA 6 would be set in Tokyo, a larger map could be on the horizon.

The delay of GTA 6 may be due to the success of GTA Online, as Rockstar would have to concentrate on keeping people interested in the online version. Initially, GTA Online was introduced as a free game to keep interest in the franchise alive, but it turned out to be a great source of revenue. With over 8 million players, in-game purchases generated a lot of profit, even when the game can be played for free.

Regardless of what’s going on at Rockstar, the lack of official information fuels more rumors and speculations. And it won’t end until GTA 6 is made available to the public.