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Do you like GTA 5’s Time Trials? If so, you’re in luck, because this week is Time Trials Week for GTA Online.

For the next week, lasting through May 12, you’ll earn Double GTA$ and Double RP for playing Freemode Time Trials in GTA Online. Each day of the event is devoted to a specific time trial, and you’ll receive the full rewards even if you already did the time trials before.

Here is the Time Trial Week schedule:

  • Friday, May 6th: Vinewood Bowl
  • Saturday, May 7th: Down Chiliad
  • Sunday, May 8th: Mount Gordo
  • Monday, May 9th: Great Ocean Highway
  • Tuesday, May 10th: Sawmill
  • Wednesday, May 11th: Maze Bank Arena
  • Thursday, May 12th: End to End

In addition to these, there’s a Double RP playlist being offered with a focus on Land Races. It includes Touch Base (a bike race from Galileo Observatory to Fort Zancudo), On the GOH (a sports race on the Great Ocean Highway), and Turn the Tide (an off-road race from the Great Ocean Highway to Paleto Cove).

Even if time trials aren’t quite your thing, you can still take advantage of this event to get some great GTA 5 discounts. First, several vehicles are on sale. The Zentorno, T20, and Pegassi Osiris are all 50% off. The Hakuchou and Akuma are also 50% off this week.

If you want to modify your vehicle, you can get 30% off Engine mods, Brakes, and Suspension, as well as a discount on Stock and Chrome Rims from Los Santos Customs.

Lester’s Mechanic Service, Cops Turn Blind Eye, and Remove Wanted Level are free all week long, for a little added help in the time trials.

Check out the official announcement from Rockstar for the full details on GTA Online’s Time Trials Week.

Some players are frustrated that Rockstar is adding events like this to the game instead of releasing more GTA 5 DLC, but others feel this is an excellent way to pass the time while they work on the larger content updates fans want. What do you think? Do you look forward to events like Time Trials Week, or would you rather Rockstar pass on them?