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WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that is gaining ground, especially for those looking to communicate without spending a dime As long as you’re connected online, you can send a message or make phone calls for free – absolutely free. Suffice to say that WhatsApp has become an affordable alternative to Skype. It doesn’t eat a lot of space as well, which means it won’t cause lags or freeze-ups.

What is even better is that it is available to a wide range of mobile phones, including Samsung. In fact, downloading and installing WhatsApp on Samsung phones is fairly easy, with the exception of Samsung Z1.

Z1 is one of the budget phones from Samsung with the latest Tizen mobile OS. As an operating system that is fairly new, it lacks many apps support, including WhatsApp. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t install the messaging app, there are tips and tricks that you can follow.

  1. Connect to your Wi-Fi and open the pre-installed Tizen store in your Samsung Z1 mobile phone. You may need to create an account, if it is your first time to sign in to the store. If you already have an account, login and search for the ACL for Tizen app.
  1. Download and install ACL, which stands for Application Compatibility Layer. Make sure you have more than enough space to accommodate 48 MB, which is equivalent to the size of the app.
  1. After installation is complete, open the app and Enable ACL from the settings menu.
  1. Once ACL is enabled, go back to Tizen Store and search for WhatsApp, or any other apps you want installed on your mobile phone.
  1. Simply download WhatsApp, install and then use as desired. You would be able to use the application without any problems moving forward.

As of this writing, very few applications are ACL compatible. But it won’t be long before most, if not all of your favorite apps, will be available in the Tizen Store or will get ACL compatibility. When that happens, it would just be a matter of downloading and installing the app, because ACL is already enabled on your Samsung Z1 phone.

As of May last year, there have been several apps available on Tizen Store, and 20 of the most popular are:

  • WhatsApp
  • McAfee Free Antivirus & Security
  • MX Player
  • Opera Mini web browser
  • BoxTV Free Bollywood Movies TV
  • Hill Climb
  • Photoframes
  • Candy Crunch
  • Speed Truck
  • nexGTv
  • Hungama
  • Sprint Racer
  • App Locker
  • Nitro Racer
  • Asphalt 8 Airborne
  • Car Crash Racing
  • Drag Racing
  • Counter Terror Pursuit
  • Truecaller
  • Lock Apps

With WhatsApp now featuring Call Back and Voicemail, it is now a must-have.