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Both services have their good and bad parts, and it seems that more and more people are asking themselves which one is better. We also thought about what is best in each of them, so here you have a brief analysis of the two!

Instant messaging or e-mail? When it comes to that, Gmail is the sure winner here, since it makes it extremely easy to send a short message to people who are in your contacts list. Meanwhile, with Yahoo, you have to open a different chat bar, look for the contact and then send an instant message, because their service is separate from the e-mail.

Attachments. Once again we have to give credit to Gmail, since you can add many attachments in an easy manner. The Yahoo service requires you to go to a different screen and it only lets you add 5 attachments, after which you have to add more boxes.

Organizing. Finally, there is a domain where Yahoo is better. You can label, organize and restructure your emails just how you want to. In comparison, Gmail does let you label the folders, but it keeps them largely in the same area, which is annoying if you have many folders to organize.

Credibility. This is another field in which people seem to give more credit to Gmail, since it seems that this particular service is viewed as more professional and credible. Though we’re not sure why people have this image of it, they still keep this fame and it’s better to go along with it.

Conclusion? From what we analyzed, it definitely looks like Gmail is the winner here, especially if you want to transfer huge files and to store lots of files in a single place. But in the end, your needs are all that matters, and you know best what’s good for you.