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Every Fallout 4 fan has legitimate reason to be excited when a new DLC is announced. Now, gamers can truly delight as a release date for the new DLC called Far Harbor has finally been announced, along with some information. Fallout 4 in general is already stuffed with lots of adventures, quests and items and the addition of Far Harbor will add to that. Are we having fun yet?

Bethesda Game Studios, developers of Fallout 4, have detailed what the newest addition to the DLC family (after Automatron and Wastleland Workshop) has to offer. Here’s what we can reveal:

You will journey through a mysterious island called Far Harbor

Naming the expansion Far Harbor was a give away, but yes, players will be led through a place called Far Harbor which is actually a fictional depiction of Bar Harbor, a popular tourist destination in Maine.

In the game, you travel off the cost of Maine and into the feral world that is Far Harbor. Here, the high levels of radiation have given the island an eerie quality and this is where you will search for a young woman and a secret colony of synths. Can you work towards bringing peace on the island amidst the growing conflict of synths, the Children of Atom and locals.

In a release, Bethesda called their newest expansion the largest landmass they’ve ever created. They’ve filled that land with new faction quests, settlements, lethal creatures and dungeons. Players are also more powerful as they have access to higher-level armor and weapons.

Far Harbor will be released on May 19

When Bethesda first announced a third add-on, they didn’t give details on a release date. But one could only venture a guess given the release history of the first two expansions.

Automatron arrived on March 22 while Wasteland Workshop was rolled out on April 12. These dates fell on a Tuesday which many believed Far Harbor would be released on a Tuesday in May as well.

Well, things are a bit different now as Bethesda has announced the release date of Fall Harbor will be on the 19th of May, which is not a Tuesday. But it still does follow the pattern of monthly expansion releases.

Many also believe that Far Harbor will be released around midnight, same as the previous two add-ons.

Far Harbor will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC and will cost $24.99.