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It seems that finally, WhatsApp is going to solve the most annoying thing about their app, and will release something for desktop. Initially, the app was available only on the phones. Last year, we received indeed a web version, but it was simply an extension. The downside was the fact that this web version is tightly tied to the smartphone – this must be turned on and connected to the Internet so that the web version can work, which can be annoying sometimes.

Apparently, there are some leaked screenshots that suggest the team is working on a desktop version. Some people received a request of translating fragments of text into their languages for the desktop app, which is a clear hint for the next step. But of course, this could be just a rumor, since it’s not confirmed info from the developers.

Recently, there has really been a boom in what concerns the chat apps. And with all this large variety to choose from, many of them, like Skype, chose to stick to desktop clients too. And there are many people who appreciate or even need this, since they want to be connected from their workplace, but also from their phones, wherever they are.

Until now, WhatsApp did not want to extend their service, motivating that they are concerned with the security and encryption of messages, which makes it more difficult. It makes sense, since using only one device for sending messages makes it easier to protect and secure the contents. However, until we get the confirmation we will receive a desktop version, you can still use third party clients that help you access the web version. However, this is still as limited as it was until now, but it’s still a good compromise.