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The Clash of Clans May update has been a hit with the fans and here is an overview of the cool features it brought with it.

The new update made everything go much faster without the need to spend as many gems. The spells brew two-times faster and the training times for the Lava Hound, the Golem and the PEKKA have been cut in half. Other training times that have decreased are those of the Ballon, Healer, Bowler, Valkyrie and Wizard. More specifically, the Ballon, Bowler, Wizard and Walkyrie train in 5 minutes now whereas in the old game they used to train at 8 minutes. And the Healer went from 15 necessary minutes to train, to just 10 minutes.

The increased speed also extends to the heroes. For example, their regeneration times are significantly reduced; the Barbarian king regenerates three times faster at all levels, the Archer Queen does it two times faster and the Grand Warden does it just slightly faster than before – but it’s still good!

In terms of gameplay, Bowler, a character added in March, has an attack that is now two times faster that it used to be which makes him a better addition to any player’s troop.

This recent update was meant to calm the fans and players, as they were starting to abandon the game for not being interesting anymore and for being too predictable. What Supercell did in this update, was to sacrifice the gem system in favour of a more exciting gameplay. Now there’s less of a need to spend money and the battles are faster which make the game a more fun experience to have.

As I’ve mentioned before, the fans were completely pleased with the new update and it appears that this will keep many of those formerly disappointed in Clash of Clans from abandoning it, and maybe it will bring back those players that already have.