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For Mass Effect fans, the next game in the series is a topic of much anticipation and excitement. Mass Effect: Andromeda is not a strict sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy, as it is set in the Andromeda Galaxy, far away in both time and distance from everything that happened in Shepard’s story.

It deals with an expedition of human colonists trying to create a new home in hostile territory. This gives us the potential to face many dangerous alien races… but can Mass Effect: Andromeda top the Reapers’ threat from the original trilogy?

The Reapers are impressive. They’re immense beings with clear Lovecraftian influences, and until Mass Effect 3 attempted to explain their origins and motivations, they outright claimed to have goals beyond human comprehension. They lurk in dark space until civilization reaches a certain point of advancement, and then they purge the galaxy of all sentient life that it advanced enough. And to ensure the cycle continues, they’ve set up constructs throughout the galaxy that will make future intelligent life develop along the same path.

The Reapers “indoctrinate” people through their sheer presence, and their artifacts have the same effect. Indoctrination is subtle, insidious, and much more threatening than if the Reapers relied upon firepower alone.

This means Mass Effect: Andromeda will have to come up with something pretty special to beat or even match the threat the Reapers created.

Mass Effect producer Fabrice Condominas described the bad guys positively, commenting that “you need good enemies to enjoy victory.”

The supposed leaked survey about Andromeda also claims that humanity will be in a race to recover the technology of an ancient alien race called the Remnant.

The Remnant sound as though they might have a similar role to the Protheans in the trilogy, but the references to their artifacts and powerful technology make us wonder if they could be more akin to Reapers.

If humanity is in a race to find this technology, aliens in the Andromeda Galaxy might serve as the primary villains, while a greater threat connected to the Remnant is discovered later on.

Whether or not any of these things come to pass, how do you think Mass Effect: Andromeda could create a threat comparable to the Reapers?

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