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Most people use Facebook Messenger solely for communicating with friends and family but there are so many other things you can use it for! Here is a list of 5 situations where it can prove to be very handy.

Call an Uber or a Lyft

You can call for a ride right within Messenger, there is a car symbol toward the bottom of the screen and all you have to do is tap it! If you don’t see the transportation icon, tap the ‚More’ option.

Integrate additional apps with Facebook Messenger

You probably didn’t know that you can integrate many app into Facebook Messenger in order to enhance it. Apps such as The Weather Channel, Giphy or Memes can be downloaded from the Play Store, installed and everything that is then created within them can be sent straight to Facebook Messenger, of course, then they can be shared with contacts. If you want to view the listing for the apps, open a conversation and then choose the ‚three dots’ option.

Send and receive money

This is a very good one! If you’re in dire need of money at any given time, add your US debit card to the Facebook account and maybe add a PIN option if you want everything to be secure. After that, all you have to do is you can open up a conversation with a friend and him to wire the money.

Make group video calls

Right now, if you happen to own a device that runs Android or iOS you can make group video calls. Here’s how you do it: you open a group conversation on Facebook Messenger and then tap the phone icon located at the top of the screen.

Play hidden games

Yes! You can play games while in Facebook Messenger! One of the games you can play is basketball, if you want to play that with friends and family just send a basketball emoji to them and then tap it for the game to begin.