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Just in case you’ve been wondering how soon you can get hold of the brand new Android N OS, know that you might get it as soon as September.

Also, you should know that right now, it’s still in the beta phase. Many users have been testing it in this form on very different handsets in the last months and they are very pleased.

So everything is going great and Google has published a schedule for the beta preview and the final build launch. The next Android N preview beta is scheduled for May, followed by another one in June but with APIs and SDK. In July we’ll be seeing a near-final build and in August or September we will experience the Final Android 7.0 AOSP build.

Naturally, the first devices to get the Android N will be the Nexus based ones so if you don’t have one, you will have to wait a bit.

Here is an overview about the various updates Android has had for various handsets across time.

Samsung Android N Update

Samsung doesn’t have a great track record in terms of implementing new Android OSs. Last time, it took it 5 months after the release of Android Marshmallow to make develop an update.

HTC Android N Update

HTC did somewhat a better job when it came down to rolling an update for Android Marshmallow, at only two months after the OSs release, so we will probably experience Android N on HTC sometime during Christmas.

Blackberry Android N Update

Blackberry did an even worse job at providing an update for the OS in time, but they are new to this type of thing so we forgive it! Who knows, maybe it’ll do a better job this time

LG Android N Update

Much like HTC, LG has been very prompt when it comes to updates and we’ll probably see it rolling out on its devices, also during Christmas.

Huawei Android N Update

Huawei has been the most efficient company so far as it made an update for Android Marshmallow at only one month after its release. If I were you, I’d bet my money on Huawei.