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The highly anticipated WhatsApp feature users have been waiting for: video calling will supposedly come along with the next update which will supposedly roll out this year.

Recently, various screen shots have been found circulating the online environment which clearly show this features implemented into WhatsApp.

However, so far, there hasn’t been an official statement on the part of developers. But the existence of the screen shots suggests that users may not have to wait that long for the update. One tech blog, PhoneRadar, described the video calling interface as being similar to the one that Facebook Messenger has.

PhoneRadar also recommends a Jailbroken iOS phone combined with Cydia in order to preview the beta version of this update.

Also, based on the screenshots, it’s clear that a Video Call icon is places on the top right corner of the conversation window, right next to the Voice Call icon.

These screenshots show that this update is designed for iOS devices only. No one knows anything about an Android version at this point.

According to a research centre, video calling is becoming increasingly used by people in the United States, and up to 47 percent of adults with access to technology of this type use it. It’s a significant number.

However, WhatsApp is not the only messaging system that’s trying to include the video call feature. Blackbery has recently launched a beta version designed specifically for business owners, which enables video chats for Android and iOS. This beta version is available only in Canada and the United States for now, but the company will release it world wide sometime in July of this year.

Lately, since Facebook bought WhatsApp, the developers have sought to make the app more and more useful and appealing to customers For example it did that by improving the app’s security features or eliminating subscription fees altogether.

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