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At last, Pokémon Sun and Moon news is coming, and we know when. Last month, we were given reason to expect details about the new Pokémon games to be unveiled in the May issue of CoroCoro, but the announcement left room for the possibility that this information wouldn’t necessarily be in the magazine. All we knew for sure was that Pokémon Sun and Moon news was coming in May.

Well, whether it’s the information CoroCoro referred to or not, an upcoming update on Pokémon Sun and Moon has been officially announced. The Sun and Moon Japanese website has also been updated to display the date.

According to the translation from Gematsu, The Pokémon Company is going to share new details on Monday, May 10, at 21:00 JST. That’s 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET.

The same announcement has been repeated by Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda in multiple languages, so this should be a great source of new information on the upcoming Pokémon games, especially since they’re due out this holiday season and it sound as though they might not be featured at E3.

Since past Pokémon Sun and Moon events have resulted in very few details, some fans have taken a pessimistic approach to this, assuming they’ll either repeat information we already know or show only a tiny amount of new details. However, since we have yet to receive a full trailer for these games, this event feels perfect for it.

We don’t know for sure if this is what CoroCoro meant when the magazine referred to big Pokémon Sun and Moon news coming in May, so it’s possible we’ll have even more to look forward to.

A trailer sounds like a likely candidate, but perhaps they’ll also reveal some of the basic information: each version’s Legendary, the appearance of the player characters, and the new starter Pokémon. After all, exclusive Pokémon often determine which version players buy. A few details about the region in which these games are set would also be nice to know.

What are you hoping The Pokémon Company will reveal about Pokémon Sun and Moon? Stay tuned on Monday, May 10 to find out.