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Pokefans have been waiting for a long time for more news on the upcoming game Pokemon Go and it seems that they’re in luck as one of the game testers has uploaded footage of the gameplay. That footage reveals one of the beloved Pokemons, Machop, on the street.

Machop is the bluish boxer pokemon or punching pokemon that evolves in a bigger boxer pokemon and finally into a four armed boxer, named Machamp.

The footage was posted on Reddit and it features gameplay that involves catching a wild Machop and many fans were impressed by the setting and visuals. Furthermore, the game also enables a player to throw pokeball that varies in precision, depending on how well they play. In the Reddit video, the player failed to catch a pokemon precisely because he did not aim right.

Other reposts on the game play state that it’s possible that the Pokemons could fight back which would make the game a whole lot more interesting. However, that could not be seen in the leaked footage.

But fans are certain that Pokemon Go will be significantly better than the other Pokemon games and that they will see pokemons in the wild because that was featured in the official game trailer.

Naturally, the game will work on Android an iOS smartphones. Gamers in the US and Europe are trying to get a hold of the beta version

Another video that leaked was from a gamer from Australia which makes sense because, currently, the Pokemon Company is running a beta testing program for the game in New Zeeland and Australia.

That particular clip features info about Pokemon Go such as character creation and gameplay.

So far, the game’s beta version has rolled out for testing in Japan, New Zeeland and Australia and it’s said to arrive in Europe and the US very soon.