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It is one thing to compare WhatsApp Messenger vs. Snapchat, but it’s another when the messaging app is pitted against its sibling Facebook Messenger. Coming from the same company, you wouldn’t think one is better than the other. But there are differences, which opens plenty of room for a healthy competition.

Why WhatsApp is better than Facebook Messenger

Supports a myriad of devices and platforms

The app is not only compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but also Nokia S40, Nokia S60 and other feature phone platforms. Considering that it is free to use for most devices, plenty of users of different platforms and devices would greatly benefit from the app.

Easy to use

  • You can use WhatsApp without creating a user account, because your phone number will serve as your username. This is true in all instances, unless you decide to use a verification code in place of your phone number or username.
  • It automatically adds to your WhatsApp friends list everyone in your contact list who uses the app. No need to send an invitation, or wait for a contact to accept an invite before you can start a conversation.

Low maintenance

WhatsApp is low maintenance in the sense that it doesn’t require a very strong internet connection to send a message. It also detects a weaker Wi-Fi signal, and prompts a user to use a different data connection, such as 2G, 3G or 4G, to send a message. This is highly desirable as opposed to Facebook Messenger’s frustrating effort of repeatedly sending/receiving messages regardless of the signal’s strength.

Share contacts

Facebook Messenger does not allow contacts to be shared with other people in your contacts list, which can be inconvenient if you want to share contact details of a mutual friend or another family member. This is one of the features that make WhatsApp highly desirable for a lot of people.

WhatsApp is also lighter than its Facebook sibling, making it snappier to use. And with every update integrated with small improvements and new features, the app just gets better and better. But who’s to say that Facebook would let WhatsApp hog the limelight?

The most recent Facebook Messenger update comes with a group call feature that can handle up to 50 people, making it ideal for a group conference with plenty of participants. Clearly, this is targeted for use in the workplace, although no one can tell you to use it otherwise.

The battle between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is definitely on!