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When Nintendo announced the Wii U version of the new Legend of Zelda game would be the only playable game on the E3 show floor, it seemed like an odd decision. Nevertheless, we discussed how it might not be such a bad thing. One thing we believed was that Nintendo would still announce and show games aside from The Legend of Zelda at E3, whether in a traditional stage show or the digital event they’ve favored in recent years.

That no longer looks as certain.

Nintendo has announced more of its E3 plans. In particular, it announced a day-long Legend of Zelda live stream at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET on Tuesday, June 14.

There’s nothing wrong with a stream devoted to a new game, especially since Nintendo already announced that The Legend of Zelda Wii U would be its E3 2016 focus. What’s worrisome is the timing. Tuesday at 9 AM PT is the E3 time slot where Nintendo has held its digital event over the past few years.

Keep in mind, Nintendo has not actually announced that they aren’t having a digital show. They might still have E3 plans left to announce. Maybe they’ll even have a stage show again for the first time in years. However, announcing a Legend of Zelda live stream for that time slot brings up the concern that Nintendo really is focusing solely on Zelda for the entirety of E3.

There are other games Nintendo could show at E3. The Dragon Quest 3DS remakes are coming soon. Fans are eager for Pokémon Sun and Moon news. We could have a Yo-Kai Watch 2 announcement. A little more footage of Paper Mario: Color Splash could go a long way toward calming angry fans. They could even show more of Tokyo Mirage Session #FE to put more attention on it just before its launch. Surprise announcements of upcoming games, whether they’re for the NX, Wii U, or 3DS, would excite people despite the lack of playable games.

For Legend of Zelda fans, it will be exciting to see the game live-streamed. Nevertheless, if it really has replaced Nintendo’s E3 show, this decision has become more baffling than ever.