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If there is anything you can say about the Mojang team, it’s definitely that they are really dedicated and do their job well. They have been closely analyzing which of their add-on packs for Minecraft sell best for the Xbox One platform. After that, they decided to make a pack of their 7 top expansions and the base game, and so we have the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

This great pack will be available in many stores in Australia and New Zealand starting June 7. The rest of the world, unfortunately, will have to wait until June 21. But it’s definitely worth it! It brings you 5 texture packs and more than 120 skins. Besides that, it includes new music for the game and some UI tweaks.

Owen Hill, from the Mojang team, wrote on the blog that this is meant to spice up the experience for the Minecraft players. Moreover, he recommended the pack for all of us who love to play great games on the Xbox One platform.

If you’re curious to find out more about the packs, you will be happy to know that among the ones selected Mojang included the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 1 and 2, City Texture Pack and the Natural Texture Pack. Besides that, you will also find there the Fantasy Texture Pack and two mash-ups: the Festive and the Halo one. Hopefully, people will enjoy the bundle as much as they enjoyed all the add-ons separately. The team forecasts some huge sales for the bundle and it tries to keep the suspense up in the air, by releasing it first in some countries, and then in the rest of the world.

Last but not least, people are wondering whether in the future they will also receive other bundles and if yes, when.