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It’s not a joke, or at least not the kind of joke you would expect. It’s a very serious issue… about the GTA 6! There are some rumors about the game saying that the plot will revolve around some world-famous terrorists, which means you will be able to fight Osama bin Laden. Sadly, for now this is just another rumor, but people are already testing their imagination with what other features the developers may prepare for them.

Besides this, people are saying that Rockstar Games plan to release the game simultaneously with the release of new gaming platforms, such as Playstation 5 and Xbox Two. Sadly, this means that we will get to enjoy them somewhere between 2018 and 2020.

So the special gameplay available in the future GTA will be featuring terrorists. But what about other interesting stuff? Well, it seems that the reason for which the team is not hurrying to develop the game is the fact that they are working on another game. Reports have shown that they are currently developing the “Red Dead Redemption 2”, which is a great action-adventure video game and an open world Western type. Besides this, they are also busy with the GTA Online version. Even if this one was already launched, it enjoys such a success that they need to release updates and new DLCs. And it seems that they are focusing more on exploiting the GTA Online pool, rather than developing the GTA 6.

Moreover, sources say that they did not release any updates for GTA 5 especially because the GTA Online has been bringing them lots of profit. This profit, for those who are curious, comes from the microtransactions players make in the game, since the game is generally free to play, and there are around 8 million gamers who regularly play it.