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As promised, you can now play Survival Mode on the console version of Fallout 4. Bethesda announced the update earlier today, so if you’re playing Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you should check now for the update.

In addition to Survival Mode, this update includes bug fixes and also prepares your game for the Far Harbor expansion, which will be available on May 19.

So what is Fallout 4’s Survival Mode? In short, it’s a higher difficulty level. If you want to know more about it, though, Bethesda posted a lengthy article explaining what Survival Mode is and how it came to be.

According to the post, the idea behind Survival Mode is to force players to use strategy, explore the world, manage their resources, and increase the realism of surviving in Fallout 4’s universe. They also cite Dark Souls as an inspiration for the way it uses “two or more systems that push against each other.”

First, the normal ways you save your game do not work in Survival Mode. Manual saving? Gone. Quicksaving? Gone. Autosaving? Mostly gone. Instead, you’ll only be able to save your game by finding a bed and sleeping for an hour.

Second, fast travel is also gone. This forces you to travel normally and explore more of the world. Combined with the other aspects of Survival Mode, you’ll want to make sure you’re very aware of your surroundings at all times.

Third, you and enemies both deal more damage. You won’t be able to just absorb damage as you defeat enemies, so instead you’ll need to carefully consider your position and timing, while making use of block/parry.

Fourth, threats won’t appear on your compass, and you’ll need to be much closer to a point of interest for it to appear.

Fifth, a new perk called Adrenaline increases the damage you deal for every five enemies you’ve killed, but your Adrenaline is reduced when you sleep.

Sixth, you need to eat, drink, and sleep on a regular basis, or you’ll suffer many negative effects, such as Fatigue. Fatigue lowers your AP.

Finally, items and conditions have also been altered in Survival Mode to make the game even more challenging. For the full details, check out Bethesda’s blog post here, and tell us what you’re most excited about in Fallout 4’s Survival Mode.

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