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Supercell, the developer of Clash of Clans, has released a card game that’s named Clash Royale. Thanks to Clash of Clans, Clash Royale has become quite popular, as a good amount of gamers who play it are Clash of Clans fans. The Clash Royale has received a May Update which came with 6 new cards to the game along with other features and today we will talk about them.

First of all, we will tell you the new six cards that have been added to the game:

– Fire Spirits (common card)
– Furnace (Rare Card)
– Guards (Epic Card)
– Lava Hound (Legendary Card)
– Sparky (Legendary Card)
– Miner (Legendary Card).

At the same time, the Clash Royale May Update comes with the following:

– You will receive gold for each victory (even when their chest slots are full)
– Crown Chest: It contains twice as much
– Super Magical Chest: The drop chance has been doubled
– Giant and Magical Chests: The drop chance has been doubled
– Donations/Requests: It will increase as you reach higher Arenas
– Card Shop: Legendary Cards will appear only after you will reach the Legendary Arena
– Maximum Gold has been increased to 1 million.

In addition, now you will be able to throw confetti during Friendly Battles in their clans. You will also be allowed to “copy” the Battle Deck from other players and even have the ability to move cards inside the Battle Deck when it is reshuffling. The developers have also added new Clan badges and a 20 minutes cool down has been added between clan kicks.

We remind you that Clash Royale was released on March 2 2016 for iOS and Android after a soft launch in January.

Are you playing Clash Royale on your smartphone? Tell us your thoughts about this card game!