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Clash of Kings has recently gained its right among the most popular strategy games for Android. People who love to battle and to build things are the most interested in hearing about tips and tricks for this awesome game.

How to get more gold?

One option for getting more gold in the game would be to connect your account to Facebook. You will receive some gold for free, plus you will keep in touch with the entire Clash of Kings community! Also, if you invite a friend, you will also earn more gold. With each friend you invite, you get more and more gold. Remember to take your daily rewards, available at the tavern (they reset each day at 8 PM EST).

We also have some beginner tips for you. Whenever you need to protect your troops, simply take them to a ruin, where they cannot be attacked, though you can recall them immediately. Often, playing in an alliance makes the game easier, both when you’re attacking somebody and when you’re defending yourself. A smart trick is to spy on other castles with the help of a new account. You just have to start a new game, place your own castle next to the one you want to spy and start looking!

However, there are no Clash of Kings cheats which you can use. Cheating is totally prohibited, since it’s a system based entirely on purchases and balancing mechanics. This is why in order to protect the game, you should be careful with your own account and not give your login details to anybody. Pay attention, since you might run into people who claim they can bring you more gold in the game or even sell the one that you already have.