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Guile, who first appeared in Street Fighter II, is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter series. Although he was not available in Street Fighter V when it launched in February, he’s one of several characters who will be added to the game throughout the year.

Last week, Guile was finally added to Street Fighter V. Currently, he’s free for players to download, although this will only last until the in-game shop that sells things for real money is launched. After that, Guile will be purchasable from the shop with either real money or Fight Money earned within the game.

Capcom has released special video guides for each of the Street Fighter V characters, and now it’s Guile’s turn. If you’re planning to use him in the game and want to pick up some tips, this is the resource to get you started. It covers both basic moves and advanced techniques you’ll want to understand.

If you found that video helpful, keep in mind that Capcom’s official Street Fighter Youtube channel has similar guides for all of the other characters.

Guile’s arrival in Street Fighter V was accompanied by a new stage, his Air Force Base. The Air Force Base can be bought with Fight Money from the store, and should be a treat for Guile fans. This is the first stage that has been added after the game’s release, since there was none added alongside the previous downloadable character.

Finally, the update that brought this new content to Street Fighter V also included bug fixes, matchmaking improvements, and a new system that will penalize players who “rage quit” while playing matches online.

It’s been a week since these things were added, so let us know your opinions on them in the comments. Are you happy to see Guile added to Street Fighter V? And if you checked out the video guide, share your thoughts on it as well as any other pieces of advice you want to add for effectively fighting as Guile in Street Fighter V.