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Yes, we know, everybody is anxiously waiting for the Android N, but why forget about the Marshmallow yet? This shouldn’t happen, especially since most phones are not compatible with the N yet and many people haven’t even fully explored all the potential that lies in the Marshmallow. We bet you did not know about these 7 hidden features!

  1. Google Now on Tap. When in an app, you have to hold the home button and Now will scan the current app for related info that will be shown as cards.
  2. Search bar everywhere! Now you will be able to search on Google even faster than before because the Google search bar is now present on every home screen, not just on one of them. This means you can just say “OK Google” anytime the screen is active.
  3. File Explorer. Now you have your own incorporated file manager, though you can’t rename files or create new folders, like in third-party ones.
  4. Lock screen message. This is very useful in case you lose the phone, since you can display your contact on the lock screen for everybody to see without accessing your private content.
  5. Different volume controls. You now have individual sliders for timer, music and notifications, so you can adjust them differently.
  6. Battery percentage. If you need to see the exact percentage, you just have to drag the status bar down with two fingers and you will see it in the Quick Settings menu. But if you want it constantly displayed, now you can go to the System UI Tuner and select it permanently.
  7. Voice search right from the lock screen. You can easily miss this one if you don’t check the lock screen, where you will see a new shortcut for Google voice search on the left.