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In 2015, loyal WhatsApp users were greeted with a treat: they can finally make voice calls. It was pretty normal then to wonder whether a video calling service was coming soon. The addition of such a feature isn’t even an idea conjured out of thin air: the competition is doing it and there have been hints about its arrival. Now, there is proof that a video-calling feature is indeed coming.

Leaked screenshots from the beta iOS app shows that a video-calling feature will indeed be included with WhatsApp. The only question to be answered is when. Then again, with WhatsApp being owned by Facebook, it’s only a matter of time when users can finally start to use the app to make video calls.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Leaked screenshots of the beta WhatsApp on iOS shows an icon of a video call located on the top right of the chat window. The icon is situated next to the voice call icon and profile picture.
  • The video-calling feature is expected to arrive with the next iOS app update which will be in a couple of days.
  • Although no such video-calling icon is present on Android devices, the feature will surely come to the platform soon enough. As always, releases are done first through iOS then Android shortly follows.

How video calls will be made

Although the video-calling feature is yet to come, sending videos is possible on WhatsApp. You send video the same way you send a photo, audio clip or someone’s contact details. But how would video calling work in WhatsApp? At this point, only a guess can be ventured but you can definitely get ideas from what the competition is doing.

Viber is one of the best instant messenger apps available right now and you can look at how the app makes video calls to get hints on how this feature would work for WhatsApp. In Viber’s case, you need to make a voice call first then wait for the call to connect. Once it does, you have to tap on the Video Call button to shift the calling mode to video; the person you’re calling needs to do the same as well otherwise you won’t be able to see them.

This is not saying that the video call feature of WhatsApp will be exactly like how you make them on Skpe or Viber. These apps can be used as a clue on how video calling would work on WhatsApp. Who knows? Maybe the version on Facebook-owned WhatsApp would be even better. Time will only tell whether these hunches are real.