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Although WhatsApp lists version 2.16.55 as its latest version on their official site, there is a beta for a version 2.16.59 available. The nice thing about an open source system is that you can try different things on it, like this beta version for example. A word of advice: just make sure to keep a backup of all your files in case anything goes awry.

You have to keep in mind that beta versions aren’t stable versions just yet. They might be close to being stable but they aren’t 100% there. So exercise caution in trying out beta versions.

In fact, WhatsApp gives you the chance to participate in beta versions of their app. That is, if you want to. You can always stick to the automated updates that come your way regularly. But if you’re the kind who enjoys trying out new things and exploring, the beta program is a great way to tinker with WhatsApp on your Android device.

Or, if you don’t want the services of Google Play, you can always head to several trusted APK mirror sites to get the latest version of WhatsApp. Again, downloading a beta APK doesn’t mean you’re getting a stable version – this is still under development. Basically, you’re taking a risk with your phone. This is why it’s recommended to back everything up before testing anything new.

A description of what’s new for version 2.16.59 states that it includes end-to-end encryption for messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and calls. However, this update seems to have been rolled out a while back. So we can’t really assume anything regarding this latest version. Then again, there’s always testing it out.

Or, you could also prefer to wait until such a time that WhatsApp actually releases a changelog for version 2.16.59. Since one of the latest updates of WhatsApp was in the realm of security, maybe this beta version features several security updates?

The only thing clear at this point is that there is a WhatsApp version 2.16.59 beta available and you can test it out if you want. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a feature that needs fixing or enhancing then letting WhatsApp know about it. This way, you’re helping the community get better services and aiding WhatsApp build a better and more secure messaging app.

The accessibility to many is one of the beauties of open source systems and hopefully the beta release of WhatsApp 2.16.59 will prompt enthusiasts to tinker and make the app a whole lot better.