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Of course, as a user of an Android phones and tablets, you have probably used the UC Browser already and loved it. This app is actually one of the most preferred browsers among Android users for a number of years, with regular updates made. Now, it has started to make a fair splash on Windows as well, where many people say that it works great on such a system.

Admittedly, this browser does run and look a bit like Chrome and even sports the same advanced functionality Chrome users have come to expect. So, if you think of venturing away from the most popular browsers and trying something different, then the UC Browser is your best option.

The UC Browser for Windows is an easy-to-install/use and sleek-looking little browser that fairly has the features users would expect from a cutting-edge browser. And of course, there would an array of custom web extensions and developer tools, but one that you would find interesting is its “Smooth Browsing” feature. This has the ability to load up links and photos on the fly before you click on them, making them open instantly without the annoying load times.

As you may expect this browser to only lean pretty heavily on the mobile device side, it is not! As you can see, it offers the Cloud Sync option that will keep you synced across all your devices, so you can transition between your phone and laptop effortlessly.

This browser comes as standard with dual rendering engines, namely Microsoft’s Trident for web pages that are designed for Internet Explorer, which is essential for a lot of web pages based in China; and Chromium’s Blink, which works for most things including HTML5. It also takes care of automatic switching, but there is a manual toggle option in case you prefer to use it instead.

Moreover, you might also find UC Browser’s download manager pretty slick, being observed to work well on various test machines running on both Windows 8 and 10, which means that compatibility would not be an issue. The browser is truly simple to use and offers some quirky but effective features, such as add-ons, customization speed dials and unique themes, ensuring a more fun user experience.

All in all, perhaps the greatest thing about this browser is the way it takes a fresh perspective for an internet browser. For more information about the UC Browser, check out this page.

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