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Gamers all know that Pokemon communicate to others only by saying their name. Pikachu, for example, says “Pikachu! Pikachu!” whether he’s sad, mad, or glad. Like many people, you might find this cute, but how would you feel if you’d finally get to understand what your Pokemon is saying?

It might seem like a joke but, with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, it can very well become a reality. This comes from the fact that the two games are rumored to come with a translator — aptly named the “Pokemon Cry Translator” — that lets players understand their Pokemon.

This isn’t news, actually, since the concept for the translator has been around for several years. Game Freak Director of the Board Junichi Masuda once mentioned that they wanted to include it in Pokemon X and Z but admitted that they weren’t able to do so because of time constraints. According to Masuda, the translator would have had translated speech into text so, whenever a Pokemon cried, players can read a line of text that tells exactly what their monster is saying.

Now that several have years have passed between the launch of Pokemon X and Z and the release of Sun and Moon, fans are speculating that the developers have had enough time to integrate the translator into the latest franchise of the game. However, it’s important to note that Game Freak hasn’t yet released any official statement about this, so any rumors about the Pokemon Cry Translator should be taken with a grain of salt.

Two Regions or More?

Aside from the translator, there are also rumors that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be based in several regions. These rumors are based on the announcement trailer for the games, which gives a rundown of all the Pokemon games that have been released as well as the years they were launched and, at the end, states that “it all comes together in 2016”.

This can mean many things, but a lot of fans think that the phrase means that Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature all the regions that have been introduced in the past games. While this is exciting news, it may not be possible considering that putting all the regions into one game can result into a very large file that Nintendo’s cartridge won’t be able to accommodate.

A more believable rumor points out that Pokemon Sun and Moon may be set in two regions, one of which may Zygarde. Zygarde was supposed to be set in Pokemon Z, which was never released, so fans are speculating that it may be included in Pokemon Sun and Moon instead.