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If you’re a big fan of Pokemon, you’ve most likely heard about the augmented reality-based game Pokemon GO and are looking forward to the day when you can play it on your mobile device. Unfortunately, as of the moment, it’s not yet clear when the game would be released to the public.

There are some rumors that say that the game will be released in the second quarter of 2016 or during summer. Other rumors say that it might be released later in the year or even in 2017.

If the latter rumors are true, it’s probably a safe bet that Pokemon GO won’t be launched during the holiday season. Pokemon Sun and Moon are already set to be released during that time, so it makes sense that The Pokemon Company will prefer to concentrate on marketing these two games during the Christmas season. Then again, the company might decide to release Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon at the same time to take advantage of the holiday rush and obtain high sales, so it’s something to look forward to if Pokemon GO doesn’t get released this summer.

For now, the augmented reality-based game is still in the testing stage. An early field test was launched in Japan in March and was expanded to Australia and New Zealand in April. The beta testing is expected to be released in Europe and the United States in the coming weeks or months.

Pokemon GO will be made available to iOS and Android devices once it’s released.

What should gamers expect?

Because the beta testing is limited to certain areas, many Pokemon fans are hanging on to every word from beta testers in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. These beta testers have to be careful since sharing game leaks can get them banned by Niantic, but there are a few brave souls who are risking the developer’s wrath to give gamers an insight into the game.

One of the biggest leaks comes from a YouTube user named Darkathion, who has posted a 10-minute video chronicling how he created his character and caught some Pokemon. The video is one of the most detailed looks into the beta version of the game, which is why it has been embraced by a lot of fans.

Another beta tester, who goes by the name GOtrip on YouTube, gathered opinions from other field testers via Reddit to confirm his theory about the relationship between spawn points and weather and climate. He shared his findings in a video, pointing out that biomes and weather changes can give clues as to the type of Pokemon that can be caught in specific areas.