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The online version of GTA V certainly proved to be a major cash cow. It was reported to generate half a billion dollars of revenue.So it’s not a surprise that Rockstar would continue to develop new content for the online game.

What the next DLC will be is anyone’s guess. But with the game’s success highly dependent on the fan base and loyalty, game developers must give people what they want. Just last month, there was a call for a Biker update, which was made very resounding with 70 biker crews that launched a campaign to release a Biker DLC in the future. They even started a petition that has already garnered over 4,000 signatures. Along with this petition is a call for new contact missions, new characters, complete with biker-themed clothes, hairstyles and tattoos, and new bikes.

But there are also rumors that expansion content for GTA online would focus on a Casino DLC. Players want casinos and gambling places to open in Los Santos, complete with slot machines, poker tables and other games in the real world of gambling. Between a Biker DLC and Casino DLC, however, the former is more likely to be added because GTA online already has a biker gang that is vital to the story of the game. A Biker update would not be that difficult to add.

While the waiting game is on, players can take a fill of the new Adversary Modes released in GTA Online. Adversary Mode Playlist 1, for example, features Hasta La Vista, a competitive mission inspired by the LA river chase in Terminator II: Judgement Day. This features a group of cyclists pedaling for their lives, as other teams in big-rig cabs attempt to crush them. As there are no weapons allowed, both teams have to outmaneuver each other or die trying.

In and Out, on the other hand, is a brand new GTA Online adversary mode. It revolves around heavily armed defenders protecting 8 priceless packages. They must hold on to the bags within the time limit, which means fending off attacks from enemies who want to steal the priceless bags. In and Out is also available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Regardless of which DLC comes through first, it is sure to add variety to the game. In-app purchases would also significantly increase, resulting in higher revenue. The popularity of GTA online is mainly due to the fact that people prefer micro-transactions in the game than to pay a larger amount of DLC.

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