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With some excellent tips and tricks, you can do things with Gmail that will delight you using any browser. However, the email service is particularly more powerful when you use it with Google Chrome due to the many extensions designed to expand its capabilities. Here are some great add-ons that will fill some holes in the functionality of Gmail:

  • Attachment Icons

Though there is already a paperclip icon to the right of your emails that lets you know if there are attachments, it does not tell you the types of attachment you are having. This means that you need to open each of your messages to see what type of file is attached. Now, with the Attachment Icons, the paperclip is transformed into a file-specific icon, letting you know what you have received at a glance and opening only the ones you want to download immediately.

  • Actions

The standard Gmail interface requires you to open a message before you will be able to perform any action on it. While this does not sound like much of a hassle, repeating it over and over again will substantially eat away some time that should be better spent on other more important tasks. Just a simple extension, Actions allows you to add up to 4 buttons (archive, delete, mark as spam and mark as read/unread), so you can process your messages with just a click.

  • Secure Mail

This extension is a must if you use Gmail frequently to send sensitive material. Basically, it encrypts and decrypts your messages to ensure that only the intended viewer can see the text.

  • Checker Plus

Already a very popular Gmail extension, Checker Plus allows you to manage your messages without actually opening Gmail. It incorporates itself into your browser as a small button with an unread message counter, and you can click it for a drop-down window that allows you preview new emails. In case you are too busy with your tasks that you are not able to notice your message counter climbing, then the add-on includes desktop notifications, voice notifications and sound alerts.

  • KeyRocket

It is really difficult to memorize all keyboard shortcuts on Gmail. Now, this extension teaches you the shortcuts by tracking your moves and suggesting key-combos for each of your mouse-and-click actions.

With several Google apps, including Gmail, updating on a frequent basis, it is highly important to supply yourself with fresh information to be able to cope up with the developments. You can check this page from time to time.