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It was just recently that the Google Play Store has rolled out an important update for the app, where it informs you whenever an app contains ads. Now, it did not take long before it introduces another useful update. This time, it displays update sizes correctly on Google Play.

While a lot of mobile owners are no longer having any issues with storage space on their devices these days, unlike several years ago, it can still become a problem for some users, especially those who play quite a few games or use a lot of apps on their smartphones or tablets. This way, storage space can run out pretty quickly, which makes it even more important for them to keep on top of how much space available to them and determine how much space apps would take up. Take note that knowing the amount of space remaining on your device and the space required for certain apps to be installed does not stop after every installation, considering the fact that you will be receiving periodic updates that add more data to your device. While, the Google Play Store has always displayed the weight of large apps before installation, it is not until recently that it displays the actual size of the files for an app update.

It is not exactly imperative that you should know how big an app update file would be, but it is something that many users will definitely like to have. Thankfully Google has made it a reality by displaying the actual sizes of app updates within the Play Store.

Known as Delta app updates, they were actually implemented quite a while ago, no longer requiring users to re-download an entire app file whenever an update was rolled out. For those who want to keep tabs on any new sets of data downloaded to their devices, being able to know even the small amounts of data sizes for an update is very useful.

Aside from this development, the progress bar that will pop up after you initiate an app update download will now show the correct file size to match the actual update size, rather than the full size of the app. And again, such minor details are not exactly imperative, but they can help keep things organized for a more streamlined mobile experience.

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