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Smartphones and other mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives, and with this trend, mobile manufacturers have been releasing new models from time to time to meet the increasing needs of users. Now, Google is never far behind in the race with its Nexus line of smartphones. Rumors are spreading about their 2016 Google Nexus, which is highly anticipated by many of Android lovers. With talks about this latest device running on Android N OS to be launched later this month, there are also hints on what the device would bring to the table.

What we know so far is that the 2016 Nexus is built by HTC using distinctive design principles. However, it is quite difficult to presume features when we talk about the future models of this device, but most probably, it will be able to beat other smartphones on the market today. Also, we already know that HTC has not performed too well over the past year even though they were able to release great phone models during the period, which makes for a good reason that they would do everything in its capabilities to integrate great features into the next Nexus handset.

Before we look at the rumors spreading about the 2016 Nexus, it is important to look into the facts first. For one, this upcoming device runs on the Android N platform. Also, product previews have shown that it is going to use the split-screen mode, which is a first for the smartphone category, as this feature has only been used in tablets. With this feature, users will be able to view and work on two apps simultaneously, while also being able to view the home screen and all apps in both landscape and portrait modes.

Getting back to the operating system, we already know that it allows you to connect a smartphone to a smart TV and play videos using applications that are specially optimized for the Android N. While at it, you can still use the device to reply to messages its notifications panel.

As for its size, the 2016 Google Nexus is expected to come in 2 sizes and given the code names M1 and S1 that stands for Marlin and Sailfish, according to Android Police. And unlike other Nexus phones that are powered by the latest Qualcomm processor available, the upcoming device is said to sport something different—the latest 64-bit Snapdragon 820 processor.

As mentioned above, Google will most likely launch the 2016 Google Nexus in the later part of this month. After all, we have already received hints that the device is just around the corner. However, other sources, such as IB Times, stated otherwise, implying that it might get delayed until the end of the year.

Seeing a lot of reports pertaining to the impending launch of Nexus 2016, we just have to wait for the real thing to come and see what the phone’s expected features can offer us. For more news and information on Goggle Nexus phones, check out this page.