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It’s amazing how far WhatsApp has come. Launched in 2009, who knew it would be embraced this much more than five years later? While some apps don’t even manage to break the one-year mark, WhatsApp has gone to live a long life, be an essential tool and even attract the attention of Facebook.

The Facebook-owned app has garnered a following of one billion, as of February 2016. And that popularity apparently comes with a price seeing as the Brazilian government has asked carriers to block the platform for 72 hours.

Given the popularity of WhatsApp on mobile devices running iOS and Android, the company would no longer be supporting the app on certain systems like the Nokia S40. It’s definitely a sad day for those who use much older devices but WhatsApp feels continued development on legacy platforms isn’t in line with their vision for the future.

One of the platforms WhatsApp concentrates on is the Android operating system. As of this writing, the current stable build is version 2.16.55 but there are versions that are in beta as well. The beta version WhatsApp isn’t completely stable but the company allows willing users to play with it. This way, they can get feedback as well as make necessary tweaks based on the information they gathered. This is what makes open source initiatives great: you have a wide and active community that help you make your product better.

But what do we know about WhatsApp 2.16.59 that is in beta mode?

  • It doesn’t have a changelog – yet. Given this fact, one could assume that there isn’t exactly anything new on the update. But given the fact that the version number increased, some minor tweaks were definitely added.
  • It is 27 MB in size. While not a sizeable update, the amount is somewhat huge. A thorough testing of the APK can help determine what the exact changes were made.
  • It is available for Android devices version 2.1 and higher. Per usual, WhatsApp requires users to have at least the 2.1 version of the Android operating system to function.
  • It is not available on the Google Play Store. WhatsApp allows you to participate in beta tests of their app but this version is not in there. Then again, there are trusted APK sites where you can get this exact version.

WhatsApp has done wonders in terms of communication and the APK is one way to get acquainted in an in-depth manner with the app. Given the 2.16.59 is still in beta, make sure you make a backup of your phone’s content before you start playing with it.