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It’s hard to deny that The Sims 4 has been controversial at best.

While many fans enjoy it and it has added some great new features to the series, such as the greater emphasis on emotions, it’s suffered many accusations that it lacks the depth and heart of previous Sims games. There are features fans expected to be in the game that were not included. Some of them, players are still asking for, with little success. Most notably, toddlers still are not in The Sims 4.

Of course, each game builds up its predecessors. Due to the way expansion packs are used to add new content to The Sims 4, we might still be several years away from The Sims 5. Nevertheless, it’s not too soon to look ahead and figure out how the next game in the series might be made.

Will The Sims 5 address the criticisms fans have with The Sims 4, or will it do more of the same?

A lot of this probably depends on how much Maxis and The Sims Studio are paying attention to fan feedback. Many people might feel that since The Sims 4 is still the same, without features like toddlers being added in, the developers aren’t listening to feedback at all. On the other hand, The Sims 4 already exists. It’s possible the developers have decided to let it keep its identity, controversial though it may be among fans, and save the changes for The Sims 5.

Not everything criticized about The Sims 4 has to be removed, either. The emotions system, the way Sims’ jobs are handled, and other new gameplay elements found in The Sims 4 had great potential. Once again, it comes down to what critics considered a lack of depth in the game. These features could be expanded upon and improved in The Sims 5.

It wouldn’t be good for the next game to simply mimic what The Sims 3 did, but fans have to hope Maxis addresses the concerns players had with The Sims 4.

When The Sims 5 is inevitably developed, what changes would you like to see? What do you think should be kept from previous games, and what should be dropped? Share all your hopes for the next Sims game in the comments below.