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With only one week left until the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, we are happy that the Naughty Dog guys decided to give out more details on the multiplayer bit. As it seems, there are several multiplayer modes available at launch.

Ranked – here, in the Deathmatch, you will be able to get ranks starting with Bronze III up to Diamond I. You receive points on winning a match and lose points when losing. After getting to a number of points, you will enter the Qualifiers, where you can increase your rank if you win certain matches.

Command – you have to capture Command Sites for points or kill enemy Captains for a bonus. Here you have to teamwork more and protect your own Captain.

Team Deathmatch – this is fighting until the end together with your teammates. You have to earn some points in order to win, and you get one point for each enemy you knock out.

Plunder – get the idol and take it back to the treasure chest for one point. Using the idol, you will be able to throw and climb.

Warm Up Playlist – here you can explore lots of new gameplay mechanics. You can only access this playlist for a specific number of matches before joining the actual fight.

Trials – There are 10 Trials with different difficulties and you receive Relic awards for completing them.

Another good news is the fact that in order to keep the community united, the developers will not offer different types of DLC. All maps, Co-op, gameplay items and future modes will be freely available. Moreover, there are many in-game store items and vanity that will be available through the gameplay for everybody. Also, all maps and modes will be released for everybody on the same day, so nobody will have preferential access to them.

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