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There are lots of rumors regarding the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but it seems that Microsoft will not be releasing any hybrid this year.

According to recent leaks, it seems that there have been some financial cuts in Microsoft’s backyard. Recently, they cut the prices for the Surface Pro 3 and 4, around 200 dollars for the first and 150 $ for the second one. This is almost always a harbinger for new devices release. But there are other reasons for which the Surface Pro 5 seems to happen later in the future than expected.

To begin with, people say that the next hybrid Microsoft plans to launch will use the next generation Intel processors. However, this generation is expected to be launched in late 2016, which makes the Pro 5 unlikely to be released earlier than that.

Another reason not to expect the Pro 5 too soon is the fact that since until now the company released Windows 10 updates for all the Surface devices. As such, a new Windows upgrade should be necessary for a new generation of computers. Meanwhile, Windows Redstone is not expected to be launched until June, though it is possible that the next gen Pros will not benefit a new Windows.

Moreover, people in the company put a lot of effort into making the Pro 4 a leader in hardware issues. Sadly, there were lots of bugs and accidents (some users reported battery leakage in Sleep mode) in the beginning, including problems with the Skylake processor. They worked hard to fix all the issues and we doubt it that they will release another generation so soon, to take away the success of finally making Pro 4 really usable. This being said, it remains to be seen whether we will enjoy Pro 5 this year!