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Yesterday, Dropbox released version 4.2 for its Windows 10 UWP app, which comes with new features and improvements. The file hosting service operated by Dropbox has been released in June 2007 and it offers cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization and client software. Users can create a free account with a set storage size, but if they want more capacity, they’ll opt for paid subscriptions.

Over the years, Dropbox has built a strong reputation and like any popular application, it’s constantly evolving and the developers are bringing new features every now and then. Below we’ll talk about the changes that have been made to the latest version for Windows 10.

First of all, the developers have brought a smaller interface for tablet devices and introduced new transitions and animations to ease performance on GPU. Users will be able to make searches online and offline, and with breadcrumbs they’ll easily find where folders are located and easily navigate to parent folders. By selecting the name in the header, users will extend their search results to the parent folders.

Another change was made to the Add button, which looks like a small plus sign that appears at the bottom right of the application. When clicking it, a small menu will appear which will allow users to upload files, to create folders and to take pictures. The Undo feature is a new useful addition for users who want to undo copy, move, delete or rename actions. So, if they delete an image by mistake, they will be able to retrieve it.

Also, the Notifications view is the place where all Dropbox notifications are found, including for comments, invites, new shares and others, and Recent activity will show comments with a preview. The developers have made some performance improvements, especially for background uploads. Dropbox 4.2 for Windows 10 can be downloaded from the official website.